Call for Papers – Chechnya: Rationales of Violence and War Experiences – Paris, 22-23 October 2012



CONFERENCE – CALL FOR PAPER – Chechnya: rationales of violence and war experiences

Paris, 22-23 October 2012

 Since 1994, the Chechen war has been qualified in diverse ways by actors and observers, and this profusion of qualifiers reveals a multitude of explanations for the causes, goals and consequences of the war. The aim of this conference will be first to sum up, renew and enrich existing research on the Chechen war, by rereading the history of Chechnya since the end of the Soviet period. Its aim will also be to put the phenomena of violence at work in Chechnya in a comparative perspective that takes into account the renewal of contemporary war studies as well as the historiography of 20th century wars.The questions we wish to address can be grouped under four main themes:

1 – Methodological aspects : How to work on this war (ethics, sources…)?

2- Political rationales of violence

3 – War experiences and socio-cultural consequences of the conflict

4- Phases of “non-war” and ends-of-war.

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 The inter-disciplinary conference is open to the contributions of researchers from all fields ; proposals involving a comparison between the Chechen case and other conflicts are welcome.

 This conference is organised by the research project Understanding @id0

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