Report – Rod Thorton, Military Modernization and the Russian Ground Forces, June 2011

Military Modernization and the... Cover ImageRod Thorton, Military Modernization and the Russian Ground Forces, Strategic Studies Institute, United States Army War College, June 2011, 68 pages.

Brief Synopsis

Russia’s political leaders are currently pushing a state- and society-wide process of modernization. The Russian military, a deeply conservative institution, is being asked to accept fundamental changes that threaten the very livelihoods of those being asked to implement them. New structures can be created and new equipment and technologies procured, but the crucial element is the degree to which such changes are accepted by the human element. This is often the most difficult aspect in any process of organizational change. It is no wonder that the military modernization process is progressing slowly in Russia. The Russian ground forces will not be very different in the next few years than they are now. Time and future investment will eventually produce the more refined army that a host of Russian politicians have wished to see. But it will take time and investment.

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