Pipss.org – Call for contributors – Defining and Defending Borders in Post-Soviet Space

logo-pipssIssue Editors: Anna Colin Lebedev, Ioulia Shukan, Amandine Regamey, Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski


Borders remain today a crucial issue across the post-Soviet space in debate over both contemporary geopolitics and historical legacies, as Russia’s seizure of Crimea and the war in Ukraine’s East have shown. Continue reading

Journal Issue – Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society 1:2 – Back From Afghanistan

With contributions by:
Felix Ackermann, Jan C. Behrends, Michael Galbas, Markus Göransson,
Anna Reich, Yaacov Ro’i, Iryna Sklokina

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INSIGHT n°1 – 2016 / Stephen J. Cimbala, “Exeunt Putin, or Goodbye Russia?”

StephenCimbala “Exeunt Putin, or Goodbye Russia?”

Stephen J. Cimbala, Penn State Brandywine

According to a number of politicians, pundits and academic experts, the departure of Vladimir Putin from power in Russia is only a matter of time.  Further, some argue that Putin’s loss of power will be followed inevitably by the demise of post-Soviet Russia and its breakup into a much smaller Russia and a number of new mini-states.  The expected fall of post-Soviet Russia is predicated on several assumptions.  As Russia’s petro-state economy gradually collapses, Putin will lose legitimacy and popular support, especially among Russia’s professional middle class, which will turn decisively against him.  In addition, Putin’s ruling circle of kleptocrats and siloviki (people of force, including former and current holders of positions in intelligence, security and defense) will fall out among themselves and their control will disintegrate into internal political warfare.  Finally, citizens and politicians in economically disadvantaged or politically restless regions of Russia will seize local powers of government and economic assets, making the “center” gradually irrelevant and its control, nonexistent.   Continue reading